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Off-the-shelf, plug-and-play, hybrid classical-quantum device manufacturing...

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Inspired from Kelly's 14 Rules
 of the legendary Lockheed Martin Skunk Works, "Skunk Works never shies away from seemingly unsolvable challenges". 

The quantum garage is an input-output machine. The output is products whose functionality have no counterparts; the input includes devices and minds looking to be quantized.


To "quantize" is to enhance hardware platforms quantum physically.

The Dark Star quantum way for software development is to apply mathematical rigor to speed-up the performance of algorithms on classical or quantum machines.


Two quintessential examples of quantum algorithms are those by Peter Shor and Lov Grover.


Quantum Consulting

The first generation of proof-of-principle quantum computers is available commercially. This availability gives rise to the possibility of bad actors using this technology as the proverbial wooden practice dummy used by masters of Wing Chun martial art, to practice and hone their ability to challenge the integrity and security of institutions. For governments and businesses, it is essential to determine if this situation presents a techno-economic disruption to business and security.


In line with General Sun Tzu's Art of War, Dark Star helps governments and businesses determine their quantum readiness to face this disruptive threat. Dark Star practices and teaches “Quantum” Wing Chun to meet the threat on an equal or advantaged footing.


 - Excerpt from the Dark Star Prospectus



Road Map

Product Roadmap

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Dark Star Quantum Lab is a quantum information technology hardware and software solution provider for civilian, defense & space domains.


1. Enable the circular economy (circularity) value-chain for the quantum eco-system;

2. Enable the transition from classical to quantum technologies, filling in the blanks.

3. Make investment in the quantum eco-system user friendly. 

We have expertise to identify "winning horses" of quantum investment opportunities.



David M. Wilkinson
Chief Executive Officer

David founded Dark Star Quantum Lab to make the US a leader in quantum technology through his space oriented propulsion IP, that came out of his obsession with re-engineering the Saturn V rocket since age nine. David is Dark Star’s liaison to the U.S. military and speaks at U.S. Air Force and U.S. Space Force events.

David is a biologist by training. He has served as a consultant for the life sciences industry, where he has developed and validated software for biopharma med devices, and clinical research. As the Senior Scientist and main staff microbiologist, Dave led the creation of several commercially successful laboratory products, grossing $1M in year one, and $7M in year three. 

Faisal Shah Khan, PhD
Chief Science Advisor

Dr. Faisal Shah Khan's scientific work, spanning 15 years, has produced peer-reviewed scientific papers for developing quantum tech products. Dr. Khan's work has motivated quantum start-up companies, for example Quantum Computing Inc. (QCI), where he serves as an advisor. QCI is the first quantum start-up to be listed on the stock market (QUBT). Dr. Khan is a pioneering expert in the area of quantum logic synthesis based on decomposition techniques. Microsoft Q#, which is based on F#, utilizes the methodologies from Dr. Khan's work. See "Synthesis of multi-qudit Hybrid and d-valued Quantum Logic Circuits by Decomposition" by Dr. Faisal Shah Khan,

Dr. Khan’s scientific work guides Dark Star's product road map to support the fledgling quantum eco system.

Synthesis of Multi-Qudit (General Qubit) Hybrid and D-Valued Quantum Logic Circuits by Decomposition, Dr. Faisal Shah Khan, 2006

Dave D'Silva
Chief Operating Officer & 
Chief Project Officer 
Dave D'Silva head shot.jpg

Dave is an expert in removing noise (e.g., inefficiency) from existing systems, with a specialty in embedding quantum-inspired, community-detection graph analytics systems. Dave's goal, to create financial solution technology to achieve restorative justice and a circular economy, has three phases.  Phase I took the form of anti-money laundering (AML), and antiterrorist funding (ATF) security software for the stock exchange to achieve past client, Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC), goals.  Phase II was a reverse-engineered exchange traded fund (ETF) model, resulting in a $6 trillion milestone, found at In Phase III, Dave co-founded Dark Star Quantum Lab as the tip of the spear of the Planetary Microgrid Energy Cloud City program.

Dave is the cofounder and chair of the York University Quantum Computing for Social Impact meetup, and the Ethics of AI meetup. Dave partners with an award-winning manufacturing head-hunting firm, where he runs an Industry 4.0 practice.  


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