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Who We Are

Quantum Eclectics 

Remember how DARPA created the internet, and all industries benefited? Work with us to do it again, programmatically.

We are an imagination first, science driven, project management firm organizing the quantum technology ecosystem for multi-industry benefit through Defense & Space. See our product roadmaps 1, 2, and 3.

What We Do

Quantum Technology Ecosystem 1.0

We identify Killer Applications of the Quantum Technology Ecosystem 1.0. Today, quantum technology offers
1. computational speed ups ,and
2. p
rovably secure transactions. However, a Killer Application was missing. 

We have a three-step, project managed methodology for developing 
Killer Applications through academic and industrial collaboration:

1. Take small steps from an experimental / lab / academic setting
2. to a market proof-of-principle
3. to a finished product. 

HFTQ (High Frequency Trading on the Quantum Cloud) near-optimization of the market is a Killer Application.

Furthermore, Dark Star's Quantum Lab’s JAD-Q (Joint all Domain Quantum) philosophy sees a global network of quantum computers working securely behind a quantum enhanced firewall, to solve real life problems such as scheduling of cargo flow through busy ports like Seattle, Dubai, and Gawadar.  

Our Next Step:

Using quantum gaming theory for superior social equilibrium , for example Quantum games: a review of the history, current state, and interpretation section 4.2 Quantum entanglement: Nash versus social equilibrium.  This will be revealed as Infographic #2.


Are you a big thinking inspired quantum enthusiast or technologist looking to achieve the "impossible" and the "improbable"? Talk to us. We want to partner with you. At our North Carolina QuantumWorks shared space, we equip enthusiasts from all industries with the ability to become a productive organism of the quantum ecosystem. This is aligned with our product roadmap, created with, and for, the U.S. Government. We call this the Dark Star Quantum Ecosystem 1.0, to achieve our Mission / Vision. 

Mission / Vision

Circular Quantum Economy
(See Investment Paper)

1. Provide quantum computing solutions to all industries for superior, near-real-time data analysis with SQedule (Infographic 1 Product 1.2.1) using commercially available digital annealing, and quantum annealing hardware;

2. Enable the transition from classical to quantum technologies.
For example, up-grading cybersecurity, sensing, and communication equipment with quantum-system-on-a-chip (QSOC) through The Dark Leaf found on Infographic 1 Product 1.3; and

3. Enable the value chain for the circular quantum economy by making investment in the quantum technology ecosystem user friendly and economically relevant through sales, and trading systems like High Frequency Trading on the Quantum Cloud (HFTQ) found on Infographic 1 Product 1.1.1. 

Because Quantum technology (QT) will scale Moore's Law, we are modelling a QT exchange traded fund (ETF) $1 trillion milestone, from which to extrapolate a SPAC prospectus.

Why? The purpose is to build-up and house a circular quantum economy coalition in our Quantum Garage Quantum Works shared space, to achieve a $1 quadrillion circular quantum economy milestone.


Product Roadmap

Infographic 1.png

Infographic 1: Fintech Solution Roadmap is the Dark Star FinteQ Quantum for Finance

Infographic 3.png

Infographic 3: Joint All Domain Command and Control (JADC2) Solution Roadmap is the Dark Star DarkSHIELD Cybersecurity Quantum for Defense and Space

Image by John Doyle

The Quantum Garage™

The Quantum Garage is our North Carolina 122,000 sq. ft. facility and laboratory where we:

1. Manufacture hybrid, classical-quantum devices, for example, The Dark Leaf, through a founding quantum Computer Aided Design (CAD) / Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) quantum technology coalition; 

2. Provide 
QuantumWorksTM, a shared work space for quantum technology enthusiasts and businesses that wish to become part of the circular quantum economy supply-chain, value-chain, and 

3. Construct and test quantum technology solutions for Defense & Space.

Quantum Garage 2.png

Quantum Garage Director David Wilkinson working on quantum-enhancing an electronic circuit board at the Quantum Garage, North Carolina.

Quantum Garage 1.png

Our Meetups

May 22, 2021 QTNC Meetup-3.png

May 22, 2021 QTNC charter event featuring Colonel Joe Bookard

Middle East and South Asian Quantum Technology (MESA)

for assembling our international
Quantum Technology Ecosystem 1.0
supply chain for example the $4 Trillion Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)

Meetup - MESA.png

Quantum Qid
Weekly Canadian Youth Meetup for 7-15 Year Old's

to create awareness, education and hope

Meetup - Quantum Qid.png
2021-06-24 SKEMA.png

Dr. Faisal Shah Khan, Interim CEO, Dark Star
High Frequency Trading on the Quantum Cloud (HFTQ), June 24, 2021, Paris

Featured At DWave

Featured At - DWave 2.png
Featured at - DWave.png

Dr. Faisal Shah Khan, Interim CEO, Dark Star,
Quantum annealing for solving a nurse-physician scheduling problem in COVID-19 clinics. 


The quantum computing element of the Dark Star Quantum Ecosystem 1.0 follows this workflow, as captured by our product SQedule, as seen in the presentation here.

Featured At - Alexandria Quantum Computing Group.png
dec 5.png
Featured At - Alexandria Quantum Computing Group 2.png
Oct 21st Dave.png

Founding Board

Dr. Faisal Shah Khan, Interim CEO,
Adjunct Faculty, SKEMA Business School, Raleigh, North Carolina 

Faisal Shah Khan‬ - ‪Google Scholar‬

Dr. Khan is the Interim CEO of the quantum technology startup, Dark Star Quantum Lab, and serves as an advisor to Quantum Computing Inc, the first quantum startup to be listed on the stock market (QUBT: $200M market cap).

Dr. Khan is a Mathematician, Quantum Computer Scientist, and Game Theorist with over 15 years of international experience in academia & engaging stakeholders. In the area of quantum game theory, Dr. Khan has identified the mathematical machinery needed to study the quantum game-theoretic equivalent of John Nash's Nobel prize winning result, equilibrium in non-cooperative games. This machinery is also fundamental to the design of fault-tolerant qubits.

Dr. Khan’s research work has produced peer-reviewed scientific papers. These papers are motivating a scientific approach to the development of the Dark Star product roadmaps:

- Infographic#1 Fintech Solution Roadmap,
- Infographic#2 Diplomatic Solution Roadmap, and
- Infographic#3Joint All Domain Command and Control (JADC2) Solution Roadmap. 


Dr. Khan's background provides for scientific advising and product development of "quantum assets". These assets include quantum-enhanced cryptocurrency and blockchain that is provably secure and interception proof, and that enables faster transactions, such as high frequency trading, using quantum computing over the cloud (HFTQ). This project is part of a grand vision of establishing a Quantum City whose fintech foundations will be quantum, among other things.

Dr. Khan was among the pioneering group of scientists in quantum logic synthesis using decomposition techniques, which are used in compilers and languages for quantum computers such as the IBM Q.

Microsoft Q#, which is based on F#, utilizes the methodologies from Dr. Khan's work. See "Synthesis of multi-qudit Hybrid and d-valued Quantum Logic Circuits by Decomposition" by Dr. Faisal Shah Khan, https://arxiv.org/abs/quant-ph/0511019v3.

Synthesis of Multi-Qudit (General Qubit) Hybrid and D-Valued Quantum Logic Circuits by Decomposition, Dr. Faisal Shah Khan, 2006

Dave D'Silva,
COO, Chief Project Officer

Dave D'Silva, Head Shot, Tie.png

Dave is an expert in removing noise (e.g., inefficiency) from existing systems, with a specialty in embedding quantum-inspired, community-detection graph analytics systems. Dave's goal is to achieve restorative justice and a circular economy, through financial solution technology. This goal  has three phases.  

Phase I took the form of anti-money laundering (AML), and antiterrorist funding (ATF) security software for the stock exchange to achieve past client, Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC), goals. 

Phase II was a reverse-engineered exchange traded fund (ETF) model, resulting in a $6 trillion milestone, found at www.PriceMetrix.com, where David looked after CIO and project manager responsibilities See screen shot, below.

In Phase III, Dave co-founded Dark Star Quantum Lab as the tip of the spear of the Quantum City project built off the Energy Cloud City Planetary Microgrid program.

Dave partners with an award-winning manufacturing head-hunting firm, where he runs an Industry 4.0 practice to formulate the nextgen SmartFactory.  

Dave is the cofounder and chair of the Project Management Institute (PMI) Toronto Chapter SmartFactory Industry 4.0 Emerging Technology Group, York University Quantum Computing for Social Impact meetup, York University Ethical AI meetup, and Bitcoin North, designed to, and resulting in, Richmond Hill accepting bitcoin as taxes.

Find Dave on LinkedIn, if you are a Star Trek (Economics) fan, and think Avengers inspired quantum tech is a good warm up. 

David Wilkinson,
Quantum Garage Director

David founded Dark Star Quantum Lab to serve the national security interests of the United States, born out of the security request of a Defense & Space Air Force software quantum conference.

David, working with the facilities manager, oversees the manufacturing, training, and QuantumWorks shared work space for the Quantum Ecosystem 1.0 to participate in our product road map.

David is a biologist by training with experience serving as a consultant to companies within the life sciences industry, working with a wide variety of areas across the science and information technology field. David has personally tested, automated, and validated software and equipment for use in the production and analysis of biological therapeutics (gene therapy), pharmaceuticals, medical devices, or other related clinical research and development projects. Working as a Chemist, Microbiologist, and Senior Scientist, David led the creation of several commercially successful laboratory testing products. 

Image by Amos from Stockphotos.com

Investment Paper